Depression & Anxiety

When you show the courage to heal and grow, everyone around you benefits – Siddharth Roy

Depression, no doubt, is a state of mind; wherein, the individual feels isolated and it has a negative impact on one’s physical state too. Depression brings negative effects like lack of confidence, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, weight gain, insomnia, and a lot more. All of these factors are controlled by the transition of planets, constellations, and other heavenly bodies till certain extent and hence we must draw attention to it.

Our mind and soul are controlled by the Moon, Mercury and the Sun and their position in unpleasant house like the sixth, eighth and twelfth may lead to mental instability and internal chaos of our mind. Our sentiments are governed by Moon and hence it should not cross paths with detrimental and baneful planets like Saturn, the Sun, Rahu, and Mars, and neither should it be placed alone in any house.

Here are some tips and ensured astrological remedies to help you cope with depression and anxiety.

  • If the Moon is placed between the baneful Rahu and Ketu (the shadow planets), the natives must consult with an astrologer. Moreover, the color of the moon is silver. So, natives should drink water in silver utensils to bring down the negative effects.
  • Wearing a Moonstone can help in bringing good results. Mental instability and uneasiness of the mind can be lethal.
  • With depression astrology, natives can have a little more control over their emotions and the mind. There are different kinds of crystals that help curb the negative effects.

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